Politics Is A Game Of Numbers.

Business Is About Advertising To New Prospects &

Religion is getting new coverts and keeping in touch

With Our Confirmed, Verified & Functional GSM Phone Numbers Database that contains: 



Name your price and obtain our GSM Phone Numbers Database categorized by

  • First and Last Name

  • Sex

  • LGA-by-LGA

  • State-by-State

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You Will Keep Breaking New Grounds. That way, you increase your reach or profits

What is more important than target  & effective marketing

.....reaching your target audience  with all form of intimacy in your immediate locality (LGA or State), gender based (male or female) knowing that you are not promoting Brazilian Hair to a male, what has a male got to do with Brazilian Hair and more importantly at your own convenient.

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Mobile Marketing is direct and so effective, as for getting across  what you do in your small corner (product advertising, seminars, training, workshops, weddings, birthdays, religious programmes, political campaigns, etc)   to millions of  Nigerians & people across the nation and your locality. which will make advertising yourself, products and services so simplified and cost effective by  giving you that needed edge over your competitors.  It will also increases your Reach, Sales/Patronage

We have in stock over 50 million GSM numbers of Nigerians sorted into gender, first and last name of the 774 Local Government Areas and 36 states of the Federation, including FCT Abuja and up to 99% active phone lines with periodical updates. What else do you want to boost your promotion if not this.

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A shamelessly irresistible, doubly better than risk preposition.

If you invest on these numbers and you do not  find the names you know in your lga and others to confirmed the effectiveness of these numbers. Do not hesitate to call or send me  a mail asking for a refund.  No questions asked, I will refund every kobo you offered to pay for these numbers and as if that is not enough, you will also keep them with you for wasting your time.

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